Product Fact Sheet


PE:J™ the Productivity Environment™ for Java

Developer Edition Version 2.0


PE:J™ is the first productivity environment to address the full range of productivity problems encountered with Java development in an enterprise environment.


§          Forward Engineering - generates and automatically deploys working enterprise applications from UML specifications including sample data, relational schema and test harnesses

§          Reverse Engineering - existing legacy relational schemas and Java code are automatically converted into specifications

§          Round-trip Engineering - an intelligent merge facility enables safe refinements, without loss of custom code

§          Increases ROI – existing systems, software and training investments are re-used by PE:J (see inputs supported below)

§          Kick Starts Development - generates an industrial-strength, deployed, working J2EE application (with RDBMS access via JDO), thus replacing much repetitive, tedious coding

§          Increase Functional Accuracy – with PE:J, users and analyst/developers in Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions can quickly define and try-out an application generated from specifications

§          Simplifies maintenance – specifications are never out-of-date with the system, since specifications can be generated on-demand. With intelligent merge capabilities, subsequent code generation refinements will not erase existing code. Change impact assessment is supported.

§          Improves Java code quality and standards compliance by generating consistent, modular, re-usable components

§          Extensible – an open API with user-customizable templates enables easy customization to in-house corporate standards

§          Low Risk- PE:J is standards based and generates pure Java code, you can try the product with a single developer or small department.  Extensive training is not required

§          Easy to use / easy to learn control console approach:

1.       Select Input

2.       Select Output

3.       Press Convert



§          Rational Rose Models

§          TogetherSoft Models

§          Other models via XMI

§          Legacy Java Source for enhancing

§          Legacy Database Schemas (including Oracle, DB2)

§          Other third party add-ins via an open API


§          Fully Persistent enhanced Classes using JDO enabling RDBMS access

§          J2EE Java Source customizable via Template (to foster component reuse), including a JSP user interface

§          JavaDoc in Source

§          jUnit Test Harnesses

§          RDBMS Schemas

§          Rational Rose Models

§          TogetherSoft Models

§          Other models via XMI

§          Sample Data


Supported Standards:

§          J2EE 1.3

§          JDO V 0.98/1.0

§          HTML 4.0

§          ANSI 92 SQL

§          UML 1.3

§          XML 1.0

§          XMI 1.0




Available: March 25th, 2002     License: Per developer seat with volume discounts and an annual maintenance fee, no runtime license fee




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