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This page is a dedication to the PE:J Product Team. It is an attempt to introduce to you the people behind the product that you use and hopefully have come to love. 


My JDO Resources
UML Tools, IDEs, J2EE Application Servers, RDBMSs, and PE:J

A Bank Account Example

Writing a Simple Banking Application

Remoting JDO Objects



Session Facade to JDO Objects


 My Presentation on Java Data Objects (JDO) at the Toronto Java User's Group (TJUG) meeting on May 07, 2002

 The Productivity Environment for Java

PE:J - The Productivity Environment for Java Take a look at the product that we'd been working on since June 2001 - It's a Productivity Environment for Java ...


Download The PE:J Developer Edition (Preview Release)

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PE:J Quick Start Guide

What's New Click here to learn how to start working with PE:J ....


PE:J and JDO API Quick Start Guide

What's New Click here to learn how to work with PE:J and the JDO API....


The Development Team

He works as The Chief Architect for hywy.

As The Chief Architect and Team Leader for hywy, his major responsibilities include conceptualization, analysis, design, development, and delivery of the entire product.

In addition to architecting the product, and team leading the effort, some of his major accomplishments, are the development of a J2EE Connector Architecture compliant Resource Adapter, developing the Transactional Layers, implementing key components of the JDO specification, Second Class Object (SCO) support, J2EE integration, and Application Server deployment components, Object-To-Relational Custom Mapping (O/R Custom Mapping), HYWY PE:J Meta Model, JDO Queries, Meta Model Mergers, Meta Model Parsers, Reverse Engineering and connection pooling support for multiple RDBMSs.



He works as a Senior Analyst/Programmer and Team Leader for hywy.

The Meta-Model guy as we like to call him, he was responsible for developing the HYWY PE:J Meta Model in addition to co-team leading the effort. Some of his other accomplishments include JDO Queries, Schema Reverse Engineering, schema readers, writers and linkers, Object-Relational Mapping, model mergers, model parsers (Rational, TogetherSoft, XMI), IDE (Forte, NetBeans) integration, and developing class loaders.  



He works as a Senior Analyst/Programmer for hywy.

He was responsible for JDO Enhanced Persistence Class generation, multiple generators for Java sources, and JUnit Test Class generation. He also implemented the JDO PersistenceManagerFactory and its JNDI deployment, the Object Editor, and the Servlet and JSP Generator. He was also responsible for developing EJB, RMI, and CORBA Facades.  




She works as a Senior Analyst/Programmer for hywy.

She was responsible for developing the Relational Datastore API, O/R Custom Mapping support in the DataStore, the Sample Data Generator, the HYWY PE:J Custom JDOAdapter with Object Pooling support for PersistenceManagerFactorys and other Object and Data List Iterators.



He works as a Senior Analyst/Programmer for hywy.

He was responsible for developing PE:J's high-performance Object Cache, the JDO Extent Interface implementation, the OID Generator, RDB Schema generation, and multiple iterator support.



He works as a Senior Analyst/Programmer and Technical Writer for hywy.

The beautiful PE:J Console that you see was his creation. We call him the GUI man. He was also responsible for developing the O/R Mapping GUI, Configurable JDBC Driver support, the Property Loaders, all the documentation, installation guide and Embedded Help.


Network Administration

He works as a Network Specialist/Programmer for hywy.

He is a great network specialist and a whiz-kid hacker. He developed the PE:J IDE integration with IBM WebSphere Application Developer (WSAD), Rational XDE, JBuilder and other tools.  He is also responsible for creating The PE:J installers.


Quality Assurance

He works as a QA/Programmer for hywy.

He was responsible for quality assurance and keeping us honest.


Project Management

He works as The Vice President (Engineering) and Chief Information Officer for hywy.

He was responsible for Project Management and always made sure we were sufficiently motivated to perform well.


  * - The PE:J software has Easter eggs that show up when you type certain passwords while the About Dialog is open and is in focus. Try it out for yourself.


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