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PE:J was officially launched at Java One 2002

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Download The PE:J Developer Edition (Preview Release)

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UML Tools, IDEs, J2EE Application Servers, Data Sources, and PE:J

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PE:J Developer Edition Fact Sheet

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PE:J's JDO Implementation Benefits

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PE:J Quick Start Guide

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PE:J and JDO API Quick Start Guide

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Toronto Java User's Group

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My JDO Resources

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The PE:J Team

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To download the Fully-Functional, Non-Time Limited, 7 Class Limited Developer Edition (Preview Release), visit: http://www.hywy.com/products/downloads.html

What you see below is the extremely easy to use and powerful PE:J Developer Edition Console

How does it work?

1- Select input from a variety of sources including popular UML Modelling Tools, Database Schema and even Legacy Java

2- Select your desired output

3- Press "Convert" button, and let PE:J generate it for you. The code produced is automatically based on the most current JDO standards. Since everything is stored in a repository, it facilitates recursive development, component reuse, distributed development, and provides a number of advanced reporting and management features.


PE:J is really two products:

Developer Edition is for the Professional Developer while Systems Engineering Edition is for the Development Manager. PE:J answers the unique needs of both:

Developer Edition Systems Engineering Edition
  • Fast development

  • Automates Mandatory Tasks

  • Data Structures, Test Cases, etc.

  • Helps communicate with end users

  • Improves quality

  • Speeds up testing

  • Facilitates maintenance

  • Easy to use

  • Manage distributed projects

  • Shows impact of changes

  • Fosters code reuse

  • Improves maintenance

  • Improves quality

  • Adheres to standards

  • Reduces cost and time

  • Increases ROI of IT organizations


For more information, visit http://www.hywy.com/


  • Significantly reduces cost to develop Java applications

  • Reduces complexity of Java development

  • Integrates easily into your technical and methodological environments

  • Easy to learn, easy to use

  • Accelerates effectiveness of programmers new to Java by enabling them to produce high quality code faster

  • Facilitates component reuse

  • Provides management reporting on the impact of changes

  • Facilitates management of distributed development

  • Complete Life Cycle Development

  • Platform & Vendor independent

  • Standards based implementation


  • Forward Engineers Java Source, JSP Applications, Test Scripts, and RDBMS Schemas

  • Reverse Engineers from Java Source and RDBMS Schemas

  • Provides Roundtrip Engineering from UML Models

  • Generates JDO compliant persistence

  • Works with most popular UML modelling tools and IDEs

  • Is easy to learn and is useable by a variety of members within an organization

  • Generates Sample Data for rapid prototyping

  • Supports open standards such as ANSI 92 SQL, Java Data Objects (JDO), J2EE, UML, XML, etc.

  • Is platform independent

  • Will scale to very large deployments through deployment on scalable open J2EE Application Servers

  • Develops modular software components that can be reused as part of many different applications and further supports and facilitates component reuse

Technologies Supported

In it's current product offering PE:J supports and conforms to the latest Java/J2EE standards like Java Data Objects (JDO), Java Transaction API (JTA)/Java Transaction Service (JTS), J2EE Connector Architecture (J2EE Connectors) , Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB),  Java Temporary Caching API (JCache), Java Server Pages (JSP),The Servlets API, JavaBeans, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), RMI/IIOP and Java-IDL.

PE:J also supports and conforms to other Industry standards including Unified Modeling Language (UML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), XML Metadata Interchange (XMI), and CORBA.


Products Supported

Currently, PE:J supports

  • Rational Rose, TogetherSoft, Gentleware's Poseidon, and Argo UML modelling tools.
  • BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere J2EE Compliant Application Servers
  • Oracle, IBM/DB2, and SQL Server Databases

Support for additional products are actively being added as you read this and will be delivered as they become available. You can download these updates through PE:J's active download feature.


PE:JTM is an enterprise-ready Productivity Environment for Java that incorporates modeling, rapid application development (RAD), and JDO compliant object persistence to produce mission-critical J2EE and J2SE applications. PE:JTM integrates with major application servers and supports the JDO specification for object persistence to JDBC complaint RDBMSs. Reverse engineering from existing Java objects and relational schemas makes round-trip engineering a reality for new and experienced Java architects alike.

PE:JTM also provides management reporting on the impact of changes and facilitates management of distributed development. It helps in complete Life Cycle Development and provides platform & vendor independence by making use of current trends and standards. PE:JTM generates all the infrastructure code and frees up the developer to concentrate on business logic. It automatically generates both J2SE and J2EE Applications, and a JUnit test script framework.

Some of the highlights of PE:JTM are:

  • Forward Engineers Java Sources, JSP/Servlet Applications, JUnit compliant test scripts, and RDBMS schemas.
  • Reverse Engineers from RDBMS Schemas and legacy Java Sources
  • Complete Round-trip Engineering between UML models, Java sources, and RDB schemas facilitated by HYWY’s powerful Meta Model Repository.
  • A robust Object-Relational (O/R) Mapper with support for multiple O/R Mapping Strategies helps the user configure O/R mappings as required. A default O/R mapping can also be automatically generated.
  • JDO compliant Transparent Persistence and a powerful Persistence by Reachability implementation for Java objects.
  • A scalable, secure, and transactional JDO runtime that can work efficiently in both managed and non-managed environments.
  • Transaction support using HYWY’s JTA compliant Transaction Manager
  • Provides a JCA compliant Resource Adapter which facilitates hooking into your J2EE-complaint Application Server’s Transaction coordinator for reliable two-phase commits over distributed transactions
  • Support for multiple concurrency modes including optimistic and pessimistic concurrency.
  • A JCACHE compliant high performance distributed object cache implementation
  • Supports class inheritance, aggregation, unary and binary associations with support for unidirectional and bi-directional one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many relationship types
  • User-customizable, Template-based, automated code generation capabilities to easily generate Java Sources, JSP/Servlets, J2EE applications, and JUnit compliant test scripts
  • Automated deployment to the Application Server of user’s choice
  • Works with JDBC compliant Relational Databases. Also provides Connection Pooling support for various RDBMS.
  • Integrates with major UML diagramming tools.
  • Works and deploys to J2EE compliant Application Servers
  • Integrates with multiple Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
  • Generates sample data for rapid prototyping
  • Object pooling support provided using HYWY’s own JDOAdapter.




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